Benefits of drinking warm water in the morning
Benefits of drinking warm water in the morning

Benefits of drinking warm water in the morning

For eons, health experts have advocated drinking warm water first thing in the morning. Warm water plays a vital part in the smooth running of all bodily functions as cold water is devoid of many important nutrients. We have all heard and read about how drinking a glass of warm water right out of bed promotes health and beauty. But, did you know adapting the same habit right before going to bed is also good for us?

Many people avoid drinking water at bedtime lest they feel the need to urinate during the night and ruin their sleep pattern. What they don’t know is drinking warm water before hitting the bed will actually lead to better sleep in addition to providing other health benefits. Can’t believe it?

How Is Drinking Warm Water At Night Useful To Us?

Fights Anxiety and Depression

Many studies indicate that lack of water in the body give a rise to stress levels and lead to depression. This is bound to negatively impact the sleep cycle. Sipping on some warm water at the end of the day will maintain the water level of the body and keep mood spoilers under check.

Gets Rid Of Toxins

Hot water increases the internal body temperature and produces sweat, which leads to better blood circulation and gets rid of toxins in the body. Get a better beauty sleep by imbibing the great habit of consuming warm water before bed.

Replenishes Lost Fluids

Our body is continually using and losing fluids by the process of sweating, urinating and bowel movement. Water replaces the lost water from our body to keep the essential systems of our body working, even during the night.

Aids In Digestion

Hot water dissolves unwanted food in the digestive tract and leads to better digestion. As our digestive system in the weakest during the night, drinking warm water helps in faster and smoother digestion.

Helps With Weight Loss

For the same reason that our digestion system is not at its best during the night, drinking warm water will break down food faster and help digest it faster, resulting in quicker weight loss!

There is enough evidence proffered by nutritionists to support the fact that warm water is good for your health. Guzzle your glass first thing in the morning and the last thing in the night and you’ll see a significant change in yourself.

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